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Form, Function and the Fantastic

Wormhole Workshop’s custom woodworking takes the minimalistic beauty of mid-century modern design and fuses it with new purpose. Whether it is an unusually shaped frame for an heirloom sweater, or a walnut dining table to awe your family for generations, we can work with you to make something uncommon.

Project Samples


Shaped Frames

A custom walnut frame with maple splines beautifully encases this family sweater, handmade by Jay’s grandmother using wool from the family sheep herd and accents from their fluffy samoyed dogs. Commissions for all sorts of framed encapsulations are available.


Unconventional Designs

Shaping frames to suit the unusual needs of artwork is one of our specialties, and we have no shortage of strange, in-progress works at the studio. Sometimes we just like to sell off our experiments in the store to clear room for more mad science. The selection changes rapidly, so sign up for the mailing list if you want to stay in the loop.


Walnut Dining Table

This elegant 3x7’ table is crafted from beautiful, old black walnut sourced from Jay’s great-grandfather’s mill in Illinois. It is minimal design with sharply beveled edges makes the table appear to float from many angles, yet it is very solid, durable and strong, We love doing furniture commissions, but also make a limited run of newly designed works whenever possible. Join the mailing list to stay up to date on upcoming products for pre-order.


Stay in the loop

All of our wood and photography products in the shop are handmade as one-of-a-kinds or in small editions. Get on the mailing list to know when new products are on the way!

A small workshop, but packed with creativity and craft.

Jay’s Baltimore workshop squeezes a lot of work into a tight space, but that is a Gould family tradition. Check out some history here.

Tintype of Jay in his Baltimore workshop, 2018

Tintype of Jay in his Baltimore workshop, 2018