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Mid-century* inspired woodcraft & photography

*specifically mid-19th, 20th AND 21st centuries

Wormhole Workshop’s handmade woodcrafts and photographic works take mid-century influence to a whole new dimension by combining mid-19th AND 20th AND possibly 21st centuries into curious treasures.

Past, present and future paradoxically intermingle to create exquisitely well crafted and unconventional works for the home, studio and all of your extra-dimensional dwellings. Whether it is a piece of furniture or a custom-made tintype of you and your loved ones, Wormhole Workshop’s artifacts are meant to stand the test of time.

Check out the store regularly for constantly shifting products and sign up for the mailing list to learn about upcoming, limited-edition projects for sale. You can also book a studio session or location shoot to have your tintype made (more info.)

Custom woodworking, framing and tintype photographic commissions are always welcome, just get in touch and we'll work out the details.


Past Made Present

One of Wormhole Workshop's time-traveling specialties is making tintype photographs. This process from the 1850's is unmatched in its beauty and will become a alchemical artifact that will easily pass onto the centuries ahead.

Solo Portraits

Need an eye-catching headshot or just want to mark a moment in time? Setup a studio appointment anytime or keep an eye out for pop-up events.

Couples and Families

Celebrate special moments the way your ancestors did.

Location Sessions

Whether you want a photo made at your own home, a special event, or your business, we can work with you to make it happen. Get in touch to get the conversation started.


Custom furniture, frames and limited edition designs for your home, studio, and other extra-dimensional dwellings.


Upcoming Tintype Pop-Up Events